KeepChair is handmade from Siberian larch and jute rope only.KeepChairs are sold as factory-assembled. The end-user will only need to tighten three ropes.


The KeepChair has two sitting positions:

  • reclining position
  • upright position





Siberian larch has several advantageous features and advantages over other types of wood.

The KeepChair in transport package

  • Siberian larch does not need additional chemical treatment or impregnation.
  • Products made of larch are particularly long lasting, handed down from father to son.
  • Larch has a gorgeous texture and few flaws.

The KeepChair is practically maintenance free.

  • If necessary, clean with sandpaper.
  • If necessary, tighten the ropes.

KeepFurniture’s production process is recognized by the relevant FSC certificate.
FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

KeepChair L.90, W.54, H.110 (cm) 40x53x95, Weight 19 kg

Price: 136,80.- eur