Quarter Board

A quarter larch board is a smooth board with small steps on different sides. The board is made according to standard sizes, and can also be made according to non-standard sizes to order. The surface of the board is polished and smooth. This is a convenient building material that is easy to install and does not require special knowledge and dexterity.

The thickness of the "quarter" board can vary from 20 to 30 millimeters, the width from 90 to 140 mm. Any length is possible, from 2 to 6 meters. The quarter board has a tenon/groove docking system that simplifies installation and ensures a clear fit of the elements to each other.

Larch has a unique color palette, which includes about 12 natural shades - from light sand-walnut to reddish-burgundy. Larch has a unique sunny texture that cannot be achieved by any coatings and varnishes, which makes it ideal for interior decoration.

Larch is perfect for a variety of design incarnations of your interior - whether it is High-Tech, Loft, Classic or Modern. Due to the unique properties of larch, this finishing material is durable, durable, not afraid of water, not subject to rotting and fungal infections.

It is possible to produce non-standard sizes according to individual orders.
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